165 m2

StudioS=165 m2

Our spacious studio is equipped with the latest hardware (premises and equipment are available for rent). The premises are suitable for filming video presentations, commercials, music videos, photo sessions and short movies. Water filming facilities are additionally available. Premises and equipment are available for rent.

Photo / Video

Team Photo/Video

Favorite Video Studio – is the team of high-level professionals with a considerable experience in the field of audiovisual media. We carry out video and photo shootings of any level of complexity (in studio and outdoors). Our team consists of specialists in video advertisement, animation design and special effects, as well as a script writer, a gaffer, a 3D designer, a photographer, an artist, a colorist, a drone operator, video editors, a costume designer and a property-man.

360° 4m
Rotating Platform

Four-meter rotating platform360°

Provides an all-round footage of people, large vehicles (including cars) and subjects.



Provision of hot food, non-alcoholic beverages and water to your filming crew (in studio and outdoors). In case of an outdoor filming we equip a dining zone for the crew, in a separate tent.

PRO Staff

SupportTrust us!

We offer a complete technical support, including an assistance from our gaffer, a costume designer and a property-man. Apart from that, we will immediately provide you with a thorough consultation on every corrsponding matter and issue, as well as secure the necessary technical support.

PRO Optical Internet
1000 Mbit/s

PRO Optical Internet1000 Mbit/s

We offer the fastest internet in town! The perfect solution for your on-line streams.

White Square

White cyclorama9m x 9m x 4m

Comes together with professional light and the white 4m rotating (360°) platform.

Motion Tracking

Motion capture systemRokoko Smartsuit Pro

This unique suit provides a qualitative real-time capture and recording of motions. Suitable for application in studio or outdoors. Easy maintenance (can be put on in 5 min) and totally compatible with such platforms as Unity 5, UnrealEngine 4, MotionBuilder etc.

Green Screen
Virtual Studio

Chroma keyGreen / Blue Background

Width – up to 8 m, height – 4 m (sides – 4m) for a volumetric multi-camera setup.

Private place for Your car/truck
Free Parking


A free of charge 10 car parking.

Video Filming

DroneVideo shooting

DJI MAVIC PRO 2 model drone, operated by our specialist. Can remain in the air for more than 40 minutes. We also offer the transfer of the device to your location.


Our production studio, specialist equipment and superior expertise guarantee high quality results, whatever your project. For the production of commercials and music videos, studio photography for glossy magazines, video shooting for powerful advertising and marketing campaigns, and much more…we bring a creative energy and personal commitment to your project, from start to finish.


Motion Graphics

Our creative team has more than 10 years’ experience of motion graphic design, CG, VFX and post-production and we’re ready and waiting to bring your vision to life! We also create and customize professional Adobe After Effects templates so that they’re tailor-made for you.

Whether for web, TV, film or interactive apps, our motion graphics services can turn any concept or animation into something extra special. Whatever your task or project, we’re here to help you create something powerful and effective that is unique to you.

Video Production

From the simple to the complex, we can support you with everything from scripting to post-production. Our comprehensive video production service includes every stage of the process so you can be sure that the end result will be just as you imagined.

We have the equipment and expertise to create powerful TV advertising, corporate marketing videos, educational films and unforgettable videos for special occasions. We will partner with you to plan and organize the shoot, including location management and content design, as well as directing on the day. Once the shoot is over, we’ll edit and refine it with high quality post-production (including compositing, color correction, adaptation and stunning 2D/3D effects).


Photo / Video Production

We offer a full range of photo and video studio services for projects of all kinds and all complexities, including:

  • 360° Car Photo / Video Studio
  • Music Clip / Video Production Stage
  • Chroma Key Studio
  • Wedding Party for Newlyweds and Guests
  • Water Studio

Our studio is available for any and all photographic needs, including our professional lights and state of the art equipment. We’re on hand to help out on set, and can quickly change backgrounds to keep the shoot moving. Call now!

Event Stage

Our elite event stage is perfect for putting on unforgettable events of all kinds, to a polished and professional standard:

  • Presentation / Conference
  • Training / Masterclass
  • Workshop
  • Lecture
  • Rehearsal
  • Fashion show

Rental Equipment

Our state of the art equipment is also available for rent, so that you can guarantee the best results, every time:
  • Camera Stabiliser: Brand New 2019 STABILIZATORS ZHIYUN CRANE-3
  • 6m Video Crane with LCD Display Plus 3 Axis + Electronic Remote Controlled Head
  • 2x Brand New Sony Alpha a7 III Cameras
  • Zeiss World Best Lenses
  • Kinoflow 2x, 2x KED1000W, 2x Fresnel Arri 2Kw
  • Ziyun Crane3s Camera Stabilization System
  • Edelkrone Cam Slider Pro
Motion Graphic

Motion Graphics

Our outstanding creative team has more than 10 years’ experience of motion graphic design, CG, VFX and post-production and we’re ready and waiting to bring your vision to life. Let us know what’s on your mind, and just see what we can do!


Video Production

For powerful TV advertising, corporate marketing videos, educational films and unforgettable videos for special occasions, our comprehensive video production service covers everything from scripting to post-production.


Studio Services & Rental

Whatever the scope of your project, our full range of studio services has got you covered. Our elite facilities and equipment are also available for hire, so that you can enjoy professional quality on every shoot.